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Sunday, March 20, 2016

My Morning Drink to Fight My MS

Every Morning I make a drink that will get my day started on the right nutritional foot. It is an awful concoction that really makes me feel like I have accomplished something.

There is a part of this diet that is focused on NOT eating, that is, fasting for 12-16 hours a day. That leaves me with 8-12 hours to eat. The important part about this is when I decide to start eating, sure I will have a coffee when I get up before 6am every morning but I won't have my gross little Viggie-Bevy until 9am the earliest. Doing that allows me to eat until 9pm the latest, which is right around my bedtime anyhow, strategically this is the best time for me to start my food intake stopwatch.
Here you can see me prepping my veggies for the Ninja experience.

Starting off there is so much of so many things I put in my morning drink that I need to blend it in parts, sometimes the greens go in first with the beet and other non greens to follow. Today I started by blending everything but the greens for my first round. That gave me a bright pink and very smooth and spicy drink. I put enough of this down to be able to add the greens, stems and all.

You may notice I said “Put enough of it down” well that is because, and I have gotten used to it and am no longer dreading it but, this is not what I would consider pleasant. Some days when I add more Coconut milk or have a particularly sweet beet it is a gift and I am grateful beyond comprehension. For the most part though the best thing I can say about the taste of this is that I can keep it down.
After the first blend has been completed the greens are added and blended. The bright pink deepens to a red/brown and all I have to do to get the nutrients of all those great things is to finish this drink.

Some of the best things about these drinks is that if you have lettuce or spinach starting to wilt, you’ll never know when they are in here. Stop tossing out those beets that are starting to get soft or the limp carrots or celery that noone is going to eat. This drink, again it’ll never be pleasant, can help you gain the ground on your Multiple Sclerosis for sure but I bet this would help all sorts of illnesses. I would take to drinking one of these if I had cancer,or if I even had an attention disorder or was on anxiety meds. The idea that diet is all we need to feel better is a cornerstone to my life, always has been and I am so grateful for finding Dr. Wahls protocol. I am no doctor but after drinking one of these every morning I feel great and have not had a flair up, or even much of a reminder that I have the MS for over 18 months.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am on Avonex, I don’t know how much it is doing for me but I have not had a flair up in over a year but I have adopted this diet for longer than that. 

I have not included measurements because everyone is different (and I do not measure). I can not tell you what to add or how much you need of any of these things. Please note that when I began this diet these drinks were just too awful for me to face every day and I had to add a half a frozen banana until I was able to drink it without the sweetness. Of course Avocado is a fruit but in here, and for this diet, it should be seen as more of a fat than a fruit.

Here I am soaking almonds in water
I steamed Muscles in.
Another trick to these is to add nuts and/or seeds but, if you are following the Paleo Plus diet, these need to be soaked for at least 6 hours. So, if you are going to want to add them soak them in the water you will use the night before. Then, come morning they are all set to go to add this bit ofe protein to your drink. Adding soaked nuts also adds a smoothness and fat calories that are always welcomed.

I also, when it is available, substitute my water for homemade stock or bone broth. The other day I steamed some muscles for dinner, saved the water and used that instead of water, sure I then have a bit of a fishy drink but that muscle water has a lot more nutrients in it than whatever I am getting from the tap.

Enjoy your disgusting beverage and please let me know if you found a way to stomach it a bit better than I do. It may sound like I really hate this drink but all in all I do enjoy drinking it, if only for the fact that it has changed my taste buds and I see it as a challenge, The Army makes soldiers make their beds to accomplish something first thing in the day, I drink this.

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  1. wow martin. thats great what you're doing and great news on the progress.
    i gotta get back to the nutri bullets now. you've inspired me. and you're right, whole and natural foods can help with a big spectrum of health issues.
    and i do think they can simply induce a bit more joy and all around pleasantness.