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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Grocery List For My MS Diet

Last week we talked briefly about the grocery store perimeter, and how I am able to keep to my diet much easier by staying in that area. This week I want to go over my grocery list, how I travel though the store and how I am able to keep fresh food stocked and available to me consistently so I do not have to think about it at all.

First off I do think about it, but what I mean by "not think about it" is that I don't want to over-complicate my eating and the experiences around eating. Really, the Wahls Paleo Plus diet is one of the most simple diet to be on because, I think, most people have a range of things they buy at the grocery store already. Most homes I go into have oils, pasta and their corresponding jars of sauces, rices, fruit, breads, and snacks, both salty and sweet. For the most part none of those things are in my home (well I have pork cracklin's as a salty snack which is probably not something Terry Wahl would approve of but I am fine with it). 

Figure the thought that goes into choosing what fruit to buy, if you have enough rice of the kind you need for what you are making or all the bread choices you are given: the fresh bakery breads, dinner rolls, pop-n-fresh, sandwich breads. All of that is no longer a thought for me because I won't be getting any of it. and the nice thing about that is that I just don't have to think about it. All of those choices and varieties have been removed. Of course I could complicate my life and diet by flirting with gluten-free options but I don't like to complicate things so I keep it simple. Now that I have made my choice to be on this diet my produce department visits simple, "Do I have broccoli?" if "No" then I buy it, if "Yes" I still might buy it but I don't have to. I will forever be eating broccoli so it will not go to waste.

My diet, the Wahls Paleo Plus, is all about keeping the nutrient density level of your food up as high as possible. She talks about it as a way to keep the cells of your body balanced and healthy.The theory, as I understand it, is that by eating rices or bread we are getting a lot general calories filling us up for the nutrient trade off. While eating fat, like cooking cauliflower in schmaltz, gives me all sorts of nutrients from the cauliflower while also giving you a stable calorie source in the schmaltz. This is a simple look at one of the many theories held within this diet.

Any basic search of the Whals diet will give you the basics, that you are to eat 2-3 cups of Greens, foods rich in sulpher, and color foods. However the diet structure is not super clear when we focus solely Paleo Plus diet because we lack all the fruit and squash and so many other things that have color or calories. All of my MS posts will be tackling this diet and looking how to actually stay on the diet, for real.

Here is the standard grocery list I keep in my phone for Fats andthe produce department. I use it to ensure I can properly eat all the time, and that I have all the nutrients I need to keep up with my day.  

Produce Department

  • Avocado (smoothies/salads)
  • Beets (smoothies)
  • Bell Peppers [any/all colors] (smoothies/salads)
  • Broccoli (cooking)
  • Cabbage (cooking/fermenting)
  • Carrots (salads)
  • Cauliflower (cooking/fermenting)
  • Daicon Radish (smoothies)
  • Garlic (cooking/smoothies)
  • Ginger (smoothies/tea)
  • Hearty Greens (cooking/smoothies/salads)
  • Mushrooms (smoothies/cooking/salads)
  • Olives
  • Radish (salads)


  • Coconut Cream/Milk (smoothies/coffee additive)
  • Coconut Oil (cooking/coffee additive/spoonfuls of delicious calories)
  • Lard (cooking)

Any grocery list app would work as long as you can turn on and off the items, I use the Pete’s Fresh Market app to turn on and off these items when I have, or run out of them.

When it comes to meats, in a week I have at least one fish meal and two organ meals, Chicken livers and gizzards are my favorite but I have to venture away from that on occasion and do get kidney, sweetbreads, and other livers as well . It is a lot of work but I would suggest a beef tongue to anyone, it is one of the most delectable meats I have ever eaten.

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