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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Some Thoughts" (Intro)

This is a series I am starting to talk about love, in general, and how I have learned that the more I am able to love myself the more my life opens up to me. How loving myself has given me the strength to love other in my life's experience.

I have a very specific and useful practice that includes writing and quiet time, some people can read that as meditation although I would not use that word specifically. In my quiet time I have noticed that all the things I get upset about in the world that I experience have actually turned up in my life as a result of me not loving myself as fully as I would like. This is a journey, and it is my belief that there is no absolute right answer out there for any of us, and the right answer for me today may not be the right answer tomorrow. Because of this I write and the let it go, here is where I will be doing some of that.

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