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Friday, November 11, 2011

Hull City - Nigel Pearson - Leicester City

In Chicago, far away from the height of this issue I look to the stalemate reached between Leicester City and Hull City for Nigel Pearson. As A hull Fan I have to say I am sorry to see him leaving, he has accomplished a lot here and done his job quietly and purposefully. I commend Hull City in allowing Nigel to speak with Leicester only after being approached by Nigel himself, something The Foxes didn’t wait for when Hull came-a-knockin’ 18 months ago. I recall the exit interviews that Nigel gave upon leaving Leicester, they were all of him saying ‘Well, I am moving; I was surprised Leicester allowed it’.

Leicester lets him go less than 2 years ago for somewhere in the ballpark of £600,000, he solidifies a team at Hull and is the impetus of a good start to a season that sees us in striking distance of promotion, and Leicester now want to swoop in and grab him for near the same amount they sold him for. I don’t know how business gets done in Thailand but that is not the way anyone I have ever met does business.
Let’s take a closer look at this

1 Pearson was let go from Leicester
2 Pearson is doing well at Hull
3 Leicester is flaunting how much money they are willing to put on the line to secure his return (£10+ million)
4 He will take Craig Shakespeare and Steve Walsh with him
5 Pearson is defiantly the right man for Leicester
6 Odds are that he will also poach promising players

Now Leicester is threatening the smooth transition buy being a bunch of bitches when it comes to coughing up the money that Hull are asking for. Hull are totally entitled to be asking for £1million at least, look at the list, you don’t tell the world you are going to free up £8million and not pay and extra £300,000 for a clean transition, its suicide.

Leicester are going to force Nigel Pearson to leave Hull on his own and suffer the consequences in court while trying to lead Leicester through a possible promotion run. This is all seeming like another huge mistake by Leicester with the victim being Nigel Pearson. Good luck to Nigel, but Leicester’s owners need to wake up and remember they have a goal and it shouldn’t be to create havoc in one man’s life.

I don’t blame Hull for standing their ground on this issue and it will only hurt the Leicester transition, because you know that Hull aren’t sitting on their laurels waiting for this to finish. They have plans and will execute them as soon as all of this is settled.


  1. Well said Martin, It is Leicester being stubborn if they want their man they should just pay up.

  2. So how many ex Leicester players/coach
    do hull have? Hull booted there last manager
    after the prem get over yourself.

  3. all very one sided as one would expect, so lets put the counter argument in an effort to be objective. Firstly LCFC, has agreed to pay the required "get out" clause written into Pearsons contract, the sum in the region of £670,000. You talk of business, tell me what business would purchase something for more than the advertised price.The fact your Chairman want's more doesn't mean LCFC shoild pay more. Regarding his back room staff, he took those with him to Hull when he left LCFC. So it's only natural he will want them with hom again. As of course your next manager will no doubt want to do. I'm sure he wouldn't want to work with the out going managers team. You mention the figure of £8M even £10M being offered as a transfer fund. This figure is pure media speculation, as well you know. LCFC, have never given any such detail, either know or in the summer when Sven was supposedly given £10M, a figure since proved to be wildly wide of the mark. Your next comment on promising young players being poached really is laughable, where do you think Fryatt, Hobbs & Waghorn came from, yes thats right his previous club LCFC.So looking at your little 6, point analysis of the saga to date, none of it stands up in the face of even the slightest scrutiny.LCFC have played with a straight bat all along, 1st we sort permission to speak to NP. It was then NP, that requested he be allowed to speak to LCFC. Then LCFC agree to pay the required severance fee as per NP's contract. LCFC have not made public any details of the dealing's with HCFC, or any proposed financial package for NP nay of his staff, or made public a transfer kitty for January.As NP returning for young HCFC players I think LCFC, have enough quality already. but should NP wish to strengthen, I think he maybe looking at better quality then HCFC players given,his aim is Premier League.

  4. you should proof read your articles. lots of mistakes.

  5. The comment just above is absolutely correct.

    LCFC have gone through all the offical channels here, they've not illegally tapped NP up, they've made an approach, NP has asked to speak to LCFC.
    They've (LCFC) put up NP's release clause and if HCFC are still refusing then it's HCFC trying to create havoc in NP's life, not LCFC.

  6. I could eat a can of alphabet spaghetti, vomit it back up and that would produce a more fair and balanced analysis of the situation, than the rubbish you've written here.

  7. One of the reasons you state why LCFC should pay more than HCAFC paid is that, under Pearson Hull have had a "good start to a season that sees us in striking distance of promotion". Before leaving Leicester, NP got us promoted from League One as Champions and guided largely the same squad to 5th in the Championship which I'd argue is a far greater achievement than being 9th after 15 games.

    Let's get this straight. Hull are, understandably, holding LCFC to ransom...and why wouldn't you? People perceive LCFC as an easy target financially.

  8. LCFC have only done what HULL did - approach a team to ask permission to speak to their manager. They didnt do anything illegal and were respectful enough to wait until AFTER the West Ham game so as not to disrupt Hull's preporations. There are worse teams around to be angry at.

  9. I will just add that I am not upset at LCFC they are entitled to do whatever they want. What I am getting at is if HCAFC are goin got hold NP for ransom here, then by not paying the ransom they make the transfer harder on NP, who, I would think, they would want undisturbed by the proceedings. I think LCFC are totally within their right to do what they are doing, it just doesn't seem like the best approach.