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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Enough Space in the Head to Breathe

I had a great time today at kasia kay art projects, hanging out at the Diane Christiansen show. Let me start by saying that this is a very understated show, at first it doesn’t seem like much. The show consists mostly of a number of relatively small oil paintings on plaster. These are not frescos; the oil paint is applied on top of cured plaster where the paint is layered and sanded, and layered and sanded. Many of the pieces in the show reference landscape, they create a significant amount of space and it should be said that Dine uses a number of techniques and styles to create her work.

All things being equal, the aforementioned points make this show a success. The reality of this show is much deeper than this though. The calm this show creates is downright curious. I say that because I feel that this show has something I just can’t put into words, something psychologically calming to the mind. The missing right angles from the plaster works edges soften the entire space, making everything easier to settle into. I don’t walk away from this show focused on any individual piece, but I walk away having had an experience.

Sometimes art wants to jump off the wall, other times it wants to jump into history, this show, although it will probably do neither of those things, will have affected a great many people. This is a wonderful collection of pieces that has an uncanny effect on the psyche, give it some time, take a breath and allow the work and the space to involve you.


  1. Beautiful description of my dear and talented friend Diane's work! Unfortunately I know longer live in Chicago and am missing this exhibit, but the combination of seeing the works online and reading this review make me *almost* feel as though I'm there. Thank you!

  2. "no" longer not "know longer"! oops!