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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Globe: a Photo Book of Soccer Fandom

Soccer is a passion of mine and yesterday, Sunday May 9th, was the end of another season of the English Premier League. Unfortunately for me, the team I shout for, Hull City, was relegated out of the EPL to the Championship, a lower league of professional soccer. Unlike other sports, or even soccer in the United States, every year three professional soccer teams get dropped from the top tier league. This is all part of the passion and fandom of soccer around the world.

Following the ascension and dissension of teams halfway around the world would be difficult to say the least if it weren't for very dedicated, and equally passionate, pub owners around the city. I personally frequent one pub in particular, The Globe, on Irving Park Rd., where I met local photographer Chester Alamo & Costello. Chester, an unwavering Liverpool fan is about to release a new book of photos and essays entitled "The Globe". Five years in the Making, this book examines the interactions of fans, their clubs, and the medium which bring the two together week after week, the television screen.

The Globe will be officially released on May 15th and I would encourage everyone, who has never been, to visit The Globe and pick up a copy. you can currently also find this book on Amazon and through the publisher Dark Lark Press. Chester will be doing a book signing on June 10th, which happens to be one day before the first game of the World Cup. This is a great time to start looking into soccer if you haven't already.

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