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Monday, April 26, 2010

Love Crimes: A Hate Story

Love Crimes kiss.jpg
Quixotic is a gay-themed sketch comedy company, who, on April 9th began the month long run of Love Crimes: A Hate Story. The collection of sketches brought together for this show was impressive to say the least. One of the nice things about sketch comedy is that there is often more to the punch lines than the laugh, and that is true about every aspect of this show.

As the cast tip their hats to old detective serials and vaudeville, we witness them taking jabs at the changes going on all around us. One of the greatest aspects of Quixotic could of very easily been its biggest Achilles heel, the gay thing. Love Crimes rides a line that is not often very easy to discern, like a good politician, they appeal to all sides. We laugh as we hear why it is a bad idea to leave you first lesbian experiments in the hands of the inexperienced. Soon after that we get a taste of the northwest suburbs as, the very talented Maria Wilson, shows us the birth of a young fag hag.

Finally I would like to say that everyone did an excellent job, Quixotic is truly in love with what they do, they are having a lot of fun and it shows.