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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Language, Math and Fire

I finally got away to look at some art this weekend, and what a weekend it was, at least at David Weinberg Gallery where they opened "Wheatley, Kaiser-Smith & Glink". With a title which sounds more like a law firm than an art show I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into a room full of small abstract explorations. Rhonda Wheatley is seemingly exploring thought, how thoughts are projected, and how experiences are perceived. She is exploring memory and, I don't know if she would necessarily agree with me on all this, but it seems that she is allowing memory to exist without language. Wheatley's collage's, all untitled, are the thoughts we have before we make the effort of turning them into words. These works seem to show the inadequacy of verbal communication and the poetry of visual communication.

Beyond Wheatley came Yvette Kaiser-Smith, a local sculptor who came here from Czechoslovakia via Texas and is utilizing the structure of math, particularly through crocheting, to organize the world. Delicate hanging geometric sculptures, made by crocheting fiberglass and coating it with a resin, reach out from the wall allowing you to move around it and take in every angle you can. In the final Gallery was Marissa Glink whose Ceramic sculptures topped the show off nicely. I must say I don't know much about ceramics, so that's all I will say about those. If you saw the show and have something to say about Marissa's work, or anyone elses, please feel free to leave a comment.

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