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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Judy Pfaff Finally Solos in Chicago

After attending the opening to the Judy Pfaff show, at the David Weinberg Gallery in River North, I knew I would require another look before being able to say anything about it. The show, which consists of all new works, is surprisingly Judy's first solo show in Chicago. I say surprisingly because she has such an illustrious career of showing her work all over the world, and to look at the work one would think Chicago would be a place that would embrace her.

Most of the work in this show, which I revisited on Wednesday, sits inside deep shadowboxes, and no photo would ever do, any one of these works, any justice at all. Created out of cut paper that ripples and undulates, she builds these compositions out of random ephemera, natural objects, and all sorts of cultural reference materials. The work is finally painted by hand, pulling it together, and adding a very real and tangible soul to each piece.

The works that are not in the aforementioned shadowboxes are few, but all the more impressive for being so. Hung under vents, and with parts extending about a foot from the wall, these works breathe with a hypnotic rhythm. Like a fire or treetops in the breeze you can hardly look away.

Judy's work fills the space beautifully, the works within the shadowboxes seem to want to be released, but luck for us they are confined in order to examine them. This show will be on display through the end of May but if you don't have time to see them at the gallery you should defiantly stop by their booth at Art Chicago because Judy is sure to have a prominent display there.


  1. Wow, I'm going to go see this. I haven't seen her work for a really long time. She was huge when I was in school and her works were often in NY and Buffalo. thanks!

  2. The photos look beautiful. I would like to see it in person!


  3. Exquisite, thanks for bringing it to us.