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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Fermentation and Healthy Eating

Many of you may know that I have to eat fermented foods. That is because I follow the Wahl's Protocol. I don't think about it much to be honest. Every day I eat the things that I need to because I had been diagnosed with MS. The second time I was in hospital for the symptoms is when I was officially diagnosed. During that visit I lost about 70% of my motor function on my left side. I regained that and live today happy and healthily without meds.

But lets talk fermentation. I recently fermented Watermelon rinds and, if you like crispy pickles you'll love these. All I do to ferment is add salt and water to something. I am pretty sure this will work for any vegetable. That is a lacto-fermentation and it is super simple. I ferment cabbage and add other shredded vegetables to it on occasion to change it up as well.

I one got a SCOBY from a dear friend of mine and since then I have had a continuous batch of Kombucha brewing. That only takes making a sweet tea once a week.

Adding fermented foods to your diet will definitely help your gut health. With a healthy gut you will be able to think clearer and be less susceptible to mindlessly eating.

To start fermenting is the hurdle most people can't do but if you do it fermenting is so easy that it will become part of your routine in no time.

Start by getting 2 containers

Then get some salt. I use Morton's but you can use any salt. Today I do not use any sort of measuring device when making my ferments but here is a great post from that addresses how much salt is right for your fermentation.

After that you can pick up a cabbage, or some other vegetable you would like to ferment
Cut up your vegetables, add salt directly to them and stuff them in the container. After putting them in the container I top it off with a healthy amount of salt, but I do not measure my salt so I do what is comfortable for me. Depending on the vegetable I will add water or just, as with cabbage, let it produce its own liquid.

I burp the hermetic containers once a day after three days and then, after 5 days I start to taste  it until I like where it is at. If you have any questions you are probably thinking too much. If you get mold on the top of your fermentation, (This have never happened to me) pull it off and what is under it will be perfect.

Don't be afraid. You are an amazing being and food is all around us. Eat up!

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