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Sunday, February 28, 2016

My Diet for My Multiple Sclerosis

So, over a year ago I got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I have always been a proponent of the idea that diet is the key to health, both metal and physical. After being diagnosed I didn't find in myself a whole lot of drive to learn about the disease, the little that I did find out was that it effected everyone differently. That fact informed me that I was more in control of the disease than the disease was in control of me. I figured a healthy mind and a healthy body was going to be my way forward.

After my second flair up, where I lost most of the motor function on my left side I decide to not take the stress management and diet portions of my life lightly. I needed resolve and loosing the ability to walk and tie my own shoes was enough to find that resolve. I was extremely lucky that Dr. Terry Wahls had just published The Wahls Protocol. This book eventually became my go to for my new life's diet regimen.

The Wahls Protocol
It took me weeks to actually read this because Dr. Wahls is kind of a smug bitch. This is really unfortunate because I just couldn't get past that for a few weeks but it was so important for me to get over it. Mind you, my perception of Dr. Wahls is totally because I have an extreme distaste for over-educated white folks, and so she might not be half as smug as I perceive her to be.

I have read the book and I get the diet, I cheat on the diet because I am alive in the world, but I have a balance that I am comfortable with. Not that I want to over simplify things because this diet is very complex but this diet requires that you cut out anything that your body will easily make into sugar. That is an idea I had for myself a decade ago. So when it was spelled out for me here I was ecstatic. The nutrient density of this diet is unmatched, it has helped my energy levels, my ability to calm down and sort data, learn new things and stay healthy.

I will be adding information about my diet, how I stay on it and my understanding of why the diet is how it is. I will also talk about cheating on this diet, mind you I am not a doctor but I feel feeling good and being healthy go hand in hand and if you can't cheat then you might not feel too good all the time, and we sure can do that.

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