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Thursday, May 12, 2011

soaringbird studios

Julieta Alvarez is a local artists who, like many of us, feel discontented about the state of arts advocacy in Chicago. Although always interested in the arts Julieta didn't find herself working as an artist, or even within the arts, until she parlayed her interest in corporate branding experience into a partnership with RATIOnation, a production and artist management company in Chicago. With this relationship, and her experience as a brand ambassador, Julieta began forging a path that would lead her to helping, housing and mentoring young and emerging musicians, photographers and all manner of other artists.

I met Julieta through my adventures working on ChicagoArts interviews. I was looking for images of Conrad Freiburg to add to his interview but since artists, especially younger artists, don't have very many images of themselves in their studios he introduced me to Julieta. Having taken many images of Conrad in his studio I reached out to Julieta and found a wonderful artists and arts promoter.

Lent her first professional camera in 2009 by her sister who, after leaving school, was uninterested in pursuing photography. As she explored photography she collaborated more with her artist friends and started hatching plans to have multimedia shows that featured music, art and video. Julieta decided to open her space on 3435 S Wood st and make soaringbird studios, a collective where artists work together to organize and promote events to sell artwork as well as market themselves and each other. Through this collective artists are eligible to display work online and at multiple galleries throughout Chicago. Soaringbird studios has regular shows every 3rd Friday at their S Wood location that feature local and resident artists. Julieta also organizes with other galleries and spaces to host feature shows once a month. Currently soaringbird is working with to showcase their artists.

This Friday May 13th 2011, soaringbird studio is Celebrating Women Artists at the Canale Art Lounge with an immense and intense event. Featuring fifteen local women artists, of which three are young artists who will be introduced for the first time publicly. DJ Magpie will keep the music coming and you are encouraged to bring books to donate to Bernies Book Bank. for more information either contact soaringbird studios or visit the facebook page for this event.

images by Angel Clark Photography

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