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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Barmby Sacked

As a Hull City AFC supporter I have to say a few things about the sacking of Nick Barmby. First of all their explanation of "comments made by Nick unjustifiably cast public doubt on the honesty and integrity of he Board and its members" is no reason to sack a manager, disciplinary actions could of been taken along with a public statement to settle this easily enough without going as far as sacking the man. I do not support this decision and have to just turn my back both publicly and financially on the club until it is proven to me that whoever is to come in, and the moves the Allam's have for Hull, are in the best interest of the club and the community. Promotion will not prove to me this is the right decision, anyone can get a more experienced Manager than Barmby, he only has 6 months for christ's sake, but they are going to be hard pressed to find a more dedicated manager than Barmby. If the Allam's have found a Manager more dedicated to the club, and the city, I will admit, I am wrong in NOT supporting this diction. Until then don't talk to me about this club.

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