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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Walter Fydryck at Prospectus Gallery

This Saturday, after the big opening night of the art season, you might want to get a bit of the hair of the dog down at Prospectus Gallery in Pilsen. Walter Fydryck has been working on a new series of drawings that features prominently in this one man show. For a long time Walter has been inventing and perfecting a process of painting on Plexiglas, a few of these are present and help to understand the place where the drawings are coming from.

In the Plexiglas works we can see the layers that intrigue and inspire Walter’s work, those layers are easy to pick out in the drawings he is presenting us with. Walter’s new works start with a base of blue sponged on as an undercoating, this gives the drawings an odd depth and transparent quality, floating on which are outlines, mathematical symbols and silhouettes. The Imagery floats in space, without a ground to anchor the figures we have little choice but to concede that these are mathematical narratives. Our understanding of the figures and how they interact logically don’t always leave us satisfied, but when in our lives would we be totally satisfied anyway.

Prospectus Gallery
Opening Reception Saturday Sept 10 from 5pm - 10pm at 1210 W. 18th St.

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