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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Blind Light, Something, Something...

Artist Conrad Freiburg opened a show of new work at Linda Warren yesterday July 8th, only a week after closing his long stint at the Chicago Cultural Center that yielded "It Is What It Isn't". Conrad's focus for the show at the Cultural Center was loss that he often explained as nothingness. His new show at Linda Warren "The Blind Light, the Pyre of Night" deals more with crisscrossing ideas about Science, Mathematics, Art and anything else that exists wholly or partially within nothingness.

It is often that we can find ourselves grasping at ideas whose existence is directly related to the amount of energy we give to thinking about them; the harder we try and understand, the faster the ideas seem to dissipate into that nothingness. This is the territory that Conrad creates, and the place that he invites us to explore. Conrad is presenting us with ideas about interconnectedness, hinting at how we relate to the universe and how it can be underestimated but at the same time be unnecessarily complicated by our own thought.

This show, which will be occupying the Linda Warren Gallery through August 31st, will also be host to an album release of Conrad's 'Undecagon'. Come to the Lind Warren Gallery on July 19th from 7-9 pm to help kick off an east coast tour promoting Conrad's new album. Special guest performances will include artists Mississippi Gabe Carter, Bill MacKay, Chuck Walker and Academy Records.

And for just checking out this post here is a sample from Undecagon

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