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Friday, April 1, 2011

PeregrineProgram at Vers10n

Now that it is April we can all look forward to the art fair season kicking off. One of the biggest, and longest running under the same management is Version Fest. This year Version fest will be held from April 22 thru May 2nd with so many different programming platforms that there will literally be something for everyone. Over the next month I will talk a bit about a few of the many groups participating in Version, how you can see them, contact them or get involved yourself.

One aspect of Version will be the MDW Fair, this is a gathering of independent art initiatives, spaces, galleries and artist groups from the Chicago. Only running from April 23rd thru the 24th, at The Geolofts, (3636 S. Iron Street) it is a must see to kick off the festivities. One of the things that you will experience there will be "PeregrinePapers page", a group exhibition that will consist of one piece of work that is made up of small drawings, doodles, any 4"X6" work on paper submitted. Everyone is being invited to take part in creating this piece by contributing these small bits of ephemera, if you are interested in participating you can find the instructions along with where to send it and who to contact on the PeregrinePapers page.

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  1. I remember being around earlier version fests with you!! They change n' nothing else is like them!!!