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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Walking with Artist Willie Kohler

Linda Warren's current show, Walking, consists of new paintings by Willie Kohler. Willie's approach to painting is a breath of fresh air from what you're bound to see at many galleries today. It is the ability to experience art that relies mostly on observation, both internal and external, to direct the viewer through an individual painting, as well as the entire body of work, that makes Walking so fresh and exciting. Willie's work breathes with nature that is not influenced by Pop culture. Raw and overgrown, these paintings influence us and inspire meditation. They have the ability to transport us to familiar places we have never been and to show us what we only thought we saw.

Memory is an odd thing, it only exists in the abstract unless you actively recall it for a moment, and even then its not completely definable or true. These paintings exist and breath in a state of memory, the more you grasp and try to define them the faster they slip through your fingers.

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