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Monday, October 11, 2010

Beds and Guns

Kim Protrowski's large format paintings, that will be in display at the Hyde Park Art Center through the end of January, focus on Beds and Guns. Those two topics have the ability to catch the attention of anyone. Not so much because of what they are, although that is enough for some, but because of the instances within our lives that these props played a large role.

Kim's abstract imagination, and her ability to be both specific as well as vague, allow me to recall and explore my history with guns, being held up at 11, interacting with gangs as a teen, hearing gunshots at night throughout the summer. All of these experiences fade into the background as I live the life I decided to follow, but being faced with these images I am brought back into the fray and able to contemplate the role of the gun, not only in our lives but in our minds.

Beds and guns both have the ability to change our lives forever, and although I can not promise you that Kim's show Beds and Guns will ultimately change your life, it may effect the way you see it.

Beds and Guns
Hyde Park Art Center
5020 S. Cornell Avenue
Chicago, IL

Artist's Reception
Sunday, November 21, 3-5 pm

Talk with the Artist
Sunday, January 30, 3 pm

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