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Friday, July 30, 2010

You Should Know More About Printmaking

It is amazing how many people don't know much about printmaking. I was trained in the ways of printmaking back in 1997 over at UIC. I learned that I had patience and was attracted to the process of creating things, not just the outcome. In printmaking you have to have patience, because every step of creating a print is important to the end product, which you might not get the opportunity to see for a month or more.

Printing is all around us, yet most are oblivious to it. Now that everything is digitally printed in almost every home in the US, it hardy seems like a magical process that has been around since the year 200, but it is, and it has. This somehow brings me to Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art where "Incised, Bitten and Gouged" opened on Friday June 30th. This show is made up of prints from the two printmaking goliaths in Chicago, Anchor Graphics and Chicago Print makers Collaborative.

Whether you want to learn more about Printmaking or not I would encourage you to see this show. It has a wonderful range of printing styles and techniques, for sure, but the artwork is what really makes this show amazing. Sure I could get all gushy about all the different types of prints you can see, by all the different people, but the reality is that this show, of 41 art works, is not just for people who love prints. You will walk away from this show with something, an image, an experience, maybe even a print, but either way you will be much better off for going, I promise you that.


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  1. Coulda shoulda woulda...I wish I was there!!