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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Drift over to {FIB}

My first visit to Fill In the Blank {FIB} gallery yielded a great evening, with a wonderful variety of artwork from two artists. FIB is an artist run gallery in Lincoln Square whose tag line is "Cultivating Emerging Culture". That sort of a statement is not only something that is close to my heart as a motto, but also exactly what they are doing, so far as I could tell. FIB offers classes as well as having an extensive website with interviews and blog posts with, about and by artists.

The show that is currently up at FIB is "Drift: New Paintings & Sculptures but Greg Davis and Meghan Kerr". Both of these artists live and work in the Columbus Ohio area and attended the Columbus College of Art and Design. Greg's paintings are pure landscape, but he recognizes that they are paintings. Greg is not trying to fool anyone with representation, instead he distresses the surface of the paintings by folding, sanding and tearing the surface forcing you, as the viewer, to look through the surface to the image. Wonderfully constructed Greg's paintings are contemplative and built in a way that doesn't quite allow you to invade the space, they leave you wanting to be closer, and to have more of an impact on what you are experiencing.

Meghan Kerr's work is highly influenced by biology. Her work varies quite a bit within the show, and that doesn't help the overall continuity of the "Drift", but, some of the forms that Meghan brings in definitely trade compliments with Greg's paintings. The thing that will catch your eye, as you walk into FIB for this show, is "Canyon". This is a large wood, plastic and Plexiglas time based sculpture, which utilizes water to erode clay throughout the duration of the show. Meghan seems very interested in time, even individual drawings that are part of her installation entitled Natural Wonder deal with time in one way or another.

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