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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help Haiti and Win Art or Donate Art

I do not normally do this but, this one is from the heart, as they say. I found out less than an hour ago that someone I know died in Haiti. I have never been, nor did I have any inclination to travel to Haiti, but many people that I know have done just that. Two in particular were in Haiti during the recent earthquake.

Sue Frame who I had lived and worked with for a number of years thankfully survived although Flo McGarrell did not. I did not know Flo well enough to feel comfortable speaking about him too much, but I will say he was one of the strongest people I knew, and although I may not have spent long hours getting to know Flo, I do know there is an absence in the world without him.

Sue and Flo were in Jacmel, Haiti, building an artists center. The last I heard was that there was trouble getting the container of tools they had collected past customs. That school has fallen down the priority list now that things like fresh water has been added to the list of needs of the Haitian people.

In response to this loss of a Chicago Area artists, there is a small group of Chicagoans starting an art raffle to help give back to those giving to Haiti. If you are an artists, artesian or anyone willing to donate items to this raffle please upload images and descriptions to this flickr page. Every $5 donated to Doctors Without borders between Wednesday the 13th and Thursday the 21st will buy you on raffle ticket, just send your confirmation email to alexpolotsky (at) gmail (dot) com. For more information visit , thank you.

Photos via Art21 blog and Sue Frame's Flickr page

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