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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kevin Sonmor at Addington Gallery

Roadworthy, paintings by Kevin Sonmor, opened on Friday Nov 6th at Addington Gallery, luckily for everyone who didn't get to the opening night it will be up through Christmas. Kevin's work is a delight to behold, and I mean that. These paintings are breathtaking, Kevin is hinting at landscape while utilizing abstract expressionistic movements to create meditative spaces. His use of space allows the viewer to search the painting and study his technique.

His ability to render is obvious, but his exploration of the paint is what is incredible. Thick passages of rich red paint, cover the majority of the paintings. So much so that it may be surprising that the show demonstrates an overall feeling of calm. Kevin has been painting, and has been recognized for doing so, for a long time now, this show proves why and really should not be missed.

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