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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Studio Visit Challenge for Artists

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a studio visit with artist Paul Sierra. I have admired Paul as an artist for over a decade, and we met for the first time just then. Other artist friends of mine have suggested I meet with Paul over the past year or so and, I am very glad I did.

Visiting an artist's studio who you, not only respect, but admire, is one way of understanding the work, you as an artist, are doing. Paul and I talked about both the art world and the art industry, two completely different beasts according to Paul. We also talked about death, marketing, accounting, painting and all sorts of shop topics. Paul is wonderful artists and I would encourage everyone to check out his work.

Besides all that, I would like to advocate the studio visit real quickly. Yes, social media does a lot for us, especially in terms of being able to communicate with people in our selected fields around the world, as well as in our local area. This does not take the place of a studio visit, nor does gallery openings, or coffee shop meetings. During a studio visit you talk trade secrets, you get personal, you open your mind to new ideas, and this is essential if you want to succeed. Nobody can predict an artist's path, but other artists have walked in the abyss as you are and if the artist's studios you visit are more accomplished than yourself, odds are, you will walk away learning a thing or two.

I challenge every artists who reads this to plan, and successfully complete, a studio visit with a local artist they admire. After your visit post your experience in the comments below. Good luck and spread the word.

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