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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Version Fest

Well, it’s that time of year again. Spring is a delightful time, when flowers are in bloom and trees begin to come out of their long winter sleep. For Chicago though, it is also a time for artists to leave the studio, for one final art season social.

Chicago’s Art season ebbs and flows with the school year. In April and May, most artists and art students are looking to “get involved” because after their long winter bout with depression. Well, the sun is back (and finals are due) so out of the woodwork they come, with tools and technology, paint, performance music and more. Fuelled by steady stream of Pabst Blue Ribbon, these students have the energy to build a community from the ground up (and document it in order to get credit for that final that’s due next week). Their plans are extensive, and the attitudes they bring with them just might get all those plans realized. It is not so astounding then, that this is the eighth year of Version Fest. What is astounding about Version is its organization.

When you add an organizer like Edmar, founder and main visionary of Version, to the awesome renewable energy of art students in spring, well, the sky is the limit. On a shoestring budget, Edmar and the dedicated organizers behind all of this, bring Version back year after year with the help of local and international artists, neighbors, and volunteers. How they do it is a mystery, and that is probably all for the best.

Do your part to help Ed produce the 09 Version Fest, by attending a fundraising auction/raffle on April 17th at Country Club Chicago, 1100 N Damen, from 7pm to midnight.

Click here for more information on Version 09

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